Second Foreign Language Timetables

KiM4This is where you can find the timetables for the SFL courses and information about the offered levels (unfortunately in Bulgarian):

I can see that so far there are timetables for French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, but more should be out up soon.

Here is the timetable for English as a Second Language (ESL), starting hours, and teacher contacts:

English as a second language
Winter semester 2015/16

Classes will begin on October 12 !!!

Intermediate B1- Tuesday -16.00 hours in 165 room- Rennie Radkova

Intermediate B1- Thursday -16.00 hours in 165 room- Rennie Radkova

Upper-intermediate B2- Monday – 18.00 5 Phonetic Lab – Tanya Todorova
These rooms are in the University Main Building

The classes for far take place at the university’s main building

Upper-intermediate B2- Monday at 18.00 in room 522 bl.1
Nevena Alexieva

Advanced C1- Tuesday – 18.00 in room 522- bl.1 Nevena Alexieva

Block 1 is situated in the university campus at the 4th kilometer (четвърти километър) you can get there by taking bus No 280 from the main university building.


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