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IMG_20161031_171817Welcome to Sofia University!


If you are wondering whether to choose Sofia University as the place for your Erasmus experience, or have just arrived in Sofia, here’s some useful information for you. Sofia University is the oldest higher education institution in Bulgaria, and it is also the largest and most prestigious one, offering a wide range of courses in 16 different faculties.


DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH AND AMERICAN STUDIES, Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages

Understandably, in the Faculty of Classical and Modern Languages, the vast majority of courses are taught in a number of European and non-European languages, so no wonder it is so popular with international students. And if the language you are most comfortable with is English, then you are in the right place, as this blog is addressed at the Erasmus students at the Department of English and American Studies (EAS).

N.B. Please be aware that almost all the lectures and seminars are in English and in order to attend these courses, you need a high level of English, at least B2 or above. Information about our courses, the semester in which they are taught and the credits given can be found here. This is the Class schedule for the BA courses during the Summer semester of 2016/2017 academic year.



The academic year at Sofia University is divided into two semesters: Summer semester and Winter semester.

The summer semester begins on 20. 02. 2017 and ends on 9. 06. 2017.

The exam session is between 12. 06. 2017 and 7. 07. 2017.

Public holidays:

3. 03. 2017 – Bulgarian National Day

13. 04-18. 04. 2017 – Easter Holidays

1. 05. 2017 – Labor Day

24. 05. 2017 – Day of Bulgarian Culture and Literacy



If you are an MA student, you may choose courses from the three MA programs offered by our department. Even if you are a BA student, it may be possible to choose some courses from the programs, provided you have the consent of the lecturer and of your Erasmus+ coordinators at Sofia University and at your home university.



The University provides student accommodation at decent prices in Students’ Town (there is a direct bus line 94 or 280 to the university). Or you can choose to rent a flat privately.



This is a site about Bulgaria as a tourist destination, and this page is about its capital city, Sofia. If you have just arrived in Sofia, the Free Sofia Tour and its young and enthusiastic team of volunteers will show you around for free.



Our International Relations Department can be reached at:

Tel.: (+359 2) 9308 220, 9308 700
Fax: (+359 2) 946 01 15
e-mail: intern(at)

Emilia Slavova, Erasmus coordinator for the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Sofia, eslavova(at)

Office Hours, Summer semester, 2017:
Tuesday 10:00-12:00,  
Friday 9:00-10:00, 
r. 172, 5th floor, main building. 
All incoming Erasmus students who are interested in taking courses at the English Department are invited this Friday, February 24th, 2017, for an introductory meeting at 9:00 a.m. in room 172. 
If you are a former international Erasmus student, I’d really appreciate your feedback about your time with us and if you don’t mind, I will publish it in My Erasmus Experience section.

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