Teacher Mobility

Teaching staff mobility enables staff to spend a teaching period between 1 day – or at least 5 teaching hours – and 6 weeks at a higher education institution in another participating country. A minimum duration of 5 working days is strongly recommended to provide a meaningful contribution to the teaching programme and international life at the host institution.

The programme’s objectives are:

To encourage higher education institutions to broaden and enrich the range and content of courses they offer;
To allow students who do not have the possibility to participate in a mobility scheme, to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of academic staff from higher education institutions and from invited staff of enterprises in other European countries;
To promote exchange of expertise and experience on pedagogical methods;
To create links between higher education institutions and with enterprises;
To motivate students and staff to become mobile and to assist them in preparing a mobility period.

More information about the programme can be found on the site of the European Commission. 


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