Languages in Contact

Assoc. Prof. Dr Mira Kovacheva
Lectures: 30
ECTS credits: 3

The objective of the course is to raise students’ awareness for one of the most powerful and all-pervasive factors for change in the globalized world. The first part of the course builds on knowledge brought together from other linguistic disciplines to move on to specific problems of individual and societal bilingualism. The essential part of the course consists in elucidating the factors and mechanisms of change. The approach is pragmatic and involves analysis of familiar examples of change due to language contact in English and Bulgarian. Students are also required to collect examples of borrowings and other structural changes from the languages they are familiar with. Matters of norm and language purism are discussed in connection with attitudes to borrowed elements. Evaluation is based on the discussion of a term paper. To do this course, students are supposed to be familiar with linguistic terminology. The course is conducted in English.