Academic Writing

Dr. Vesselin Budakov
Lectures: 30

The course aims at familiarizing students with the basic theoretical and practical requirements for coherent and logically connected texts in academic English and means to raise the awareness that academic writing goes through a structured process of creativity. It discusses the different genres of academic discourse, such as paper, book review, and dissertation, and examines the main types of paragraph development: listing, example, comparison, contrast, classification, cause and effect, and generalization. It particularly focuses on the textlinguistic parameters of linearity, coherence, repetition, and parallelism, pays attention to academic distancing and tentativeness, and considers the practice of summarizing, paraphrasing, and quoting. In view of these micro-and macro-organizational aspects, the course also places emphasis on the use of different styles of documentation.

– Class participation: 25%
– Assignments: 25%
– Term project: 50%

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