Jay Halio, The Mysteries of Hamlet and Tom Clayton, Words, Word, Words and the Meeting of Minds in Hamlet

INTERDISCIPLINARY SHAKESPEARE SEMINAR “WHAT IS HAMLET TO US” “THE MYSTERIES OF HAMLET”– public lecture by Prof. JAY L. HALIO Jay L. Halio, Professor Emeritus of English, has been teaching for over half a century, beginning at the University of California, Davis, and then the University of Delaware. He has been a visiting professor at many […]

Evgenia Pancheva, Hamlet: The Metadrama

The text of the lecture was published in Култура (Culture) Magazine Метадрамата Хамлет Когато между 1599 и 1602 г. драматургът на Хората на Лорд Камерхера пише „Трагедията на Хамлет, принц датски”, иконоклазмът на пуритани и критици на обществените нрави в Лондон вече е породил сериозни антитеатрални настроения. До 1595 г. „Анатомия на простъпките” (1583) на […]

Alexander Shurbanov, Hamlet: The Tragedy and the Poem

ХАМЛЕТ: ТРАГЕДИЯТА И ПОЕМАТА Още в началото на 18-ти век Антъни Шафтсбъри пише: „В Хамлет има само един характер.” В днешни дни литературният критик Ралф Бери потвърждава това наблюдение, като заявява, че пиесата е „непрекъснато описание на едно единствено съзнание.” В този най-обемен драматичен текст от Шекспировия канон ние сме изправени пред роля на протагонист […]

As You Like It

The celebrations of Shakespeare’s 450th anniversary at Sofia University, organised by the Department of English and American Studies and the University’s Cultural Centre, was opened on 19 February with a students’ production of As You Like It in the original language. The show is a product of the BA elective course Shakespeare through Performance taught […]

Shakespeare on Stage and Screen

This review was produced for the elective M.A. course: Shakespeare on Stage and Screen. For more information click here   Review of Hamlet (directed by Yavor Gurdev) at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre  (January 15, 2014) and Wittenberg Revisited (directed by Ivan Dobchev) at the Theatre Laboratory Sfumato (January 20, 2014) Vassilena Pavlova   William […]

Prof. Marco Mincoff

Alexander Shurbanov A SHAKESPEAREAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN (The European English Messenger, Volume 23.1 – Summer 2014, pp. 43-49)   ‘His eye for detail is so acute and his understanding of the dramatist’s craft so subtle, he opens up aspects of each play that surprise and persuade… His was a mind that we will miss’, wrote […]

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