Literary Anthropology

Prof. D.Litt. Vladimir Trendafilov
Lectures: 30
ECTS credits: 3

The course’s first aim is to introduce students to an academic discipline whose chief object of study is literary value-formation. Its second aim is to acquaint the students with representative instances of value-formation in the British literary tradition. A third aim on its part is to teach the students how to use anthropological methodology in their personal work. The course consists of both lectures and seminars. The content is structured thematically; each lecture centres on one single perspective towards the course’s triple aim. The course is highly interactive. It relies on the students’ active participation. The students are involved in doing personal research along the lines of the taught methodology, write papers and discuss them in class. Evaluation involves two mid-term tests and a portfolio. To do this course, students will need to have achieved their Master’s competence in the history of British literature. The course is conducted in English.

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