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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zelma Catalan
Maria Dimitrova
3 ECTS credits    bachelor    5th semester, 3rd year

The course aims to equip students with the theoretical foundations and the practical skills needed in the analysis of the style of literary works. The lectures introduce students to various approaches to style and its conceptual foundation, to the specifics of the language of literary prose and poetry to the methodology and the tools of stylistic and narratological analysis. The seminars are strongly practice- and student-oriented. The texts for classwork cover a range of genres and have been selected to illustrate the major stylistic trends in various periods in the history of literatures in English. The learning outcomes also include productive skills as students are also required to write essays and analyses of various lengths. On completing the course, students will be capable of critically appreciating the choice of stylistic means and devices in literary texts.   This acquired knowledge and skills can be applied to non-literary genres as well.
The  course is taught in English. Assessment is based on class participation (20%), one analytical paper and one test (20%) and final oral exam (60)%.

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