MA Language and Language Sciences (English)

MA Language and Language Sciences

Duration: 2 semesters for graduates with a BA in English Studies / 4 semesters for holders of a BA degree in other fields

Attendance mode: full time

Programme directors: Dr. Alexandra Bagasheva, professor of linguistics:; Dr. Bozhil Hristov, associate professor of linguistics:

Application: from 1 to 14 September 2024, online.

Interviews: 16-18 September 2024

Selection is based on the following criteria: level of English proficiency, appropriate communicative performance, general awareness of the selected study field, compliance of the selected field of study with the candidate’s professional or research needs. Non-philology graduates are also required to submit a Letter of Intent (max. 2 pages, written in English).

Programme Description:

The MA programme Language and Language Sciences (English) offers specialized professional training in a wide range of disciplines related to the study of language (with a focus on English), as well as the different worlds (spheres of communication and domains) with which language is connected (be they physical, imaginary, fictional, possible, etc.). The program is interdisciplinary and its main goal is to equip students with analytical skills, a philosophical outlook and knowledge about all incarnations and beings of language.

The programme targets BA holders in philology, as well as in other fields of knowledge, who have a high competence in English (level B2-C1 of the European Language Framework) and who wish to pursue a career in any social domain where linguistic expertise is required, such as academia, TEFL, language consultancy, applied linguistics, journalism, advertising, international relations, publishing, project development and coordination, etc.

Non-philology graduates are offered an induction semester, which will enable them to acquire some basic competences that they will need for the more advanced core modules. The MA degree is obtained after the successful defence of an MA thesis written in English.

All instruction in the programme is in English. This makes it suitable for international students, too. Student exchange with other European universities via the ERASMUS+ programme is also available. All applicants will be invited for an interview conducted in English.


Courses in the Language and language sciences (English) Programme:

Compulsory courses for English Studies graduates
Discourse analysis
Contrastive linguistics
Methodology of writing an MA thesis
Corpus linguistics
Language and society
Language and globalization


Compulsory courses for graduates of BA programmes other than English studies 
Sounds in language
English for academic purposes I
Corpus linguistics
Meaning in language
Principles of linguistic analysis
English for academic purposes II
Discourse analysis
Contrastive linguistics
Methodology of writing an MA thesis
Language and society
Language and globalization
Sounds in language


Elective courses (open to all students)
Language relativity
Linguistic anthropology
Language in the humanities: the Anglo-American heritage
Literary journalism
Linguistic and cultural aspects of translation
Theories and sciences of language
The language of politeness
Word formation in contemporary English
Models of natural language processing
Grammatical analysis
Metaphor in language and thought
Computational linguistics
Media, society and translation
Language contact
Language and identity
Language universals and typology
Varieties of spoken English
Speech analysis
Language gaffes
Political discourse
Linguistic and cultural diversity on stage and screen
Inclusive language
Narratology: cognitive and semiotic models, operational linguistics
Mediating meaning – disembodying language
Worlds in text and discourse