MA Language and Culture

Duration: 3 semesters
Type: full timeDSC_1953
Programme Directors:

Prof. Kornelia Slavova, D.Litt., (Literature and Culture),

Associate Prof. Dr. Alexandra Bagasheva (Language and Linguistics),

Department of English and American Studies, telephone: 02/93 08 392; 02/9308348

Programme website

Facebook page: MA Language and Culture – Sofia University

Application: 1 – 9 September, online.

Interviews: 18 September 2020, room 2 or online (TBA). 

Selection is based on the following criteria: level of English proficiency, appropriate communicative performance, general awareness of the selected study field (linguistics/culture studies), compliance of the selected field of study with the candidate’s professional or research needs. Non-philology graduates are also required to submit a Letter of Intent (max. 2 pages, written in English).


Programme Description:

The MA programme “Language and Culture” is designed to develop students’ competence and practical skills in English language communication in inter-cultural contexts. It is  interdisciplinary in nature, addressing contemporary debates in linguistics, Anglo-American literature, art, and culture. Students get broad insight into topical issues of national and international importance and develop their ability to interpret different types of discourses, texts and multimodal products, using the tools of textual, visual, and cultural analysis.

We target Bachelors of Arts in philology, as well as in other fields of knowledge, who have a high competence in English (level C1 of the European Language Framework) and who wish, while using their expertise in English language and culture, to build a career in social domains, such as TEFL, consultancy on language, applied linguistics and British/American cultures, journalism, advertising, international relations, publishing, project development and coordination, etc.

The programme is structured in a flexible manner: students can choose various interdisciplinary courses in accordance with their needs and interests. Non-philology graduates are offered an induction semester, which will enable them to acquire some basic competences that they will need for the main study course. Some courses are offered in an e-format so that students can organize their own time more flexible study programme. The duration of the programme is three semesters. The MA degree is obtained after the successful defence of an MA thesis written in English.

All instruction in the programme is in English. This makes it suitable for international students, too. Student exchange with other European universities via the ERASMUS+ program is also available. All applicants will be invited for an interview conducted in English.




MA L&C Semester I

Required Courses
(15 ECTS credits)
Задължителни дисциплини
Elective Courses
(15 ECTS credits)
Избираеми дисциплини
Introductory Module (for students without a philology degree)Linguistic Relativity
Езиковата относителност
English for Academic Purposes
АЕ за академични цели
Translation and Culture / Превод и култура
Principles of Linguistic Analysis
Принципи на лингвистичния анализ
Computational Linguistics
Компютърна лингвистика
Introduction to English Pronunciation
Увод в английското произношение
Accents of English
Варианти на английското произношение във Великобритания
Language and Cultural Diversity
Език и културно разнообразие
Pragmatics /
Anthropological Linguistics
Антропологична лингвистика
Postcolonial Literature Matters
Постколониални литературни прочити
Cultural Diversity in American Drama and Film
Културно разнообразие в американската драма
Cold War Culture
Култура на Студената война
Literature and Culture of the British Periphery
Литература и култура на британската периферия
Linguistic and Cultural Aspects of Translation / Езикови и културни аспекти на преводаLiterary Journalism / Литературна журналистика

MA L&C Semester II

Required Courses
(15 ECTS credits)
Задължителни дисциплини
Elective Courses
(15 ECTS credits)
Избираеми дисциплини
Introductory Module (for students without a philology degree*)**Modern English Word-Formation
Словообразуването в съвременния английски език
English for Academic Purposes – Part Two
АЕ за академични цели (академично писане)
Metaphor in Language and Thought
Метафората в езика и мисленето
Principles of Literary Analysis: Basic Concepts
Принципи на литературния анализ
Politeness Across Cultures
Учтивостта в различните култури
Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies
Принципи на литературния и културологичния анализ
Contrastive Linguistics
Контрастивна лингвистика
Accents of English
Варианти на английското произношение в западното полукълбо
Анализ на дискурсаComparative Literature and Culture
Сравнителна литература и култура
MA Thesis Writing
Методика за написване на дипломна работа
Popular Fiction on Page and Screen
Популярните жанрове в литературата и киното
British and American Images of Childhood
Британски и американски образи на детството
Postmodern Culture
Постмодерна литература и култура
Anglo-American Ideological Heritage
Англо-американско идейно наследство
Translingual Writing/
Транслингвална литература
MA Thesis Writing
Методика за написване на дипломна работа
Writing the City
Градът в литературата
Globalisation, Multiculturalism, Plurilingualism /
Глобализация, мултикултурализъм, плурилингвизъм
Media, Society and Translation / Медии, общество и превод
Gender and Popular Culture East and West
Род и популярна култура: Изток/ Запад
Second Foreign Language
Втори чужд език - студентите се включват към програма „Втори чужд език” на факултета

MA L&C Semester III

Required Courses
(15 ECTS credits)
Задължителни дисциплини
Elective Courses
(15 ECTS credits)
Избираеми дисциплини
Students are awarded 15 ECTS credits for the preparation and defence of their MA dissertation.
Защита на магистърска теза – 15 кредита
Second Foreign Language
Втори чужд език - студентите се включват към програма „Втори чужд език” на факултета
Theories of Identity
Теории на идентичността
Political Discourse
Политически дискурси
Writing for Professional Communication
Писане за професионална комуникация
Politeness across Cultures / Учтивостта в различните култури
Interdisciplinary Course
Интердисциплинарен курс
Taught by each respective academic supervisor
Seminars: 30
ECTS credits: 3
Семинар за написване на магистърска теза – І част – води се от научните ръководители на магистрантите
Taught by each respective academic supervisor
Seminars: 30
ECTS credits: 3
Семинар за написване на магистърска теза – ІІ част - води се от научните ръководители на магистрантите



Testimonials Programme Description:

This is what graduates from the previous MA programmes Cultural Interactions: British and American Perspectives and English in Modern Communication have said about their experience:

“After having two bachelors and a master degree, I have to admit that my Master in Cultural Interactions at the Department of English and American Studies at Sofia University was one of the most interesting things I have ever done in my life. In simple words, it made me see the world with completely different eyes. And this is not only because of the extremely intriguing and multi-dimensional material we had to study (from post-colonial to cyber studies) but because of the way it was taught by the specific respectable professors who gave us the opporunity to discover aspects of life, society, and even psychology, which other people don’t even suspect they exist. Good luck!!!”

Martha Moissidou (Greece), MA “Cultural Interactions”

“In my view the MA programme in Cultural Interactions serves as an efficient transition from the BA degree in English at Sofia University to the professional world with its valuable insights into major global socio-cultural processes and phenomena, such as the impact of US postmodernism, the contemporary consequences of British colonialism, the growing importance of the role of gender worldwide. For me personally, the programme was a mind-opener: its variety of projects, case studies and in-class discussions helped me upgrade what I already knew as well as improve my practical skills.

The ultimate test for me was my risky ambition to combine this humanities-oriented programme with an MA in Business Studies at the University of Sheffield. It turned that that my MA at Sofia University stood me in good stead for an in-depth understanding of the culture of consumption and the co-functioning of the processes of globalization and localization. The risk was worth taking!”

Nadezhda Nikolova, MA in Cultural Interactions

“When I chose the MA Programme Cultural Interactions, I was only thinking of improving my qualifications and of getting yet another certificate in English and American Studies into the bargain. I never thought about it in terms of my future career. The class discussions of literature, cinema, and media aroused my interest in postmodernism and the study of popular culture and everyday life, and even gave me confidence to participate in an international students’ conference at the University of Lille-3, France. Afterwards I spent six months as an Erasmus student at Saarbrücken University, working on my MA thesis.

This Programme gave me an orientation I did not expect, as well as a strong motivation to continue my studies – now I am a PhD student in cultural studies at the Dept. of English and American Studies, University of Sofia. I am glad and proud of what I have done so far. “

Alexander Trendafilov, MA in Cultural Interactions

As part of the MA Programme in Cultural Interactions, I had the chance to compare our standards of education with the ones at two other European universities. Lille-3 University gave me the opportunity to participate in an international conference and enjoy my first “public performance”. I was so pleased that my presentation was well-accepted and provoked a serious discussion with professionals in film studies. The following year I continued my studies in English and American culture as an Erasmus student for two semesters at the University of Zaragoza. I liked it so much: I was offered more interactive forms of study and a greater dose of individual work online. Yet, this experience made me appreciate what the Program at Sofia University had already given me – a greater focus on theoretical approaches, combined with intensive discussions in class, in a word,  a solid basis for the furthering of my analytical, critical and communicative skills.

Marta Peneva, MA in Cultural Interactions, still writing her MA thesis

 The Department of English and American Studies at Sofia University feels like a really vibrant and forward-thinking place and I’m really glad I chose to do my MA here. As an EFL teacher it’s been a wonderful experience getting to know people and studying here. I’ve also had the chance to present my master’s dissertation at the international IATEFL conference, which was a great experience.

The programme is extremely useful, especially for those who would like to study or do research in comparative literature and general linguistics. It stimulates an independent and critical approach to the study of language and literature. I highly recommend it as it offers a superb education. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the academic staff who have been encouraging and helpful, and students who have been friendly and supportive.

Osman Bedel, MA in English in Modern Communication


Going abroad through the Erasmus exchange programme is a great way to experience a foreign culture and to expand one’s horizons both academically and socially. The MA students at the Department of English and American Studies are encouraged to spend between 3 and 9 months of their study at a foreign university through the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme.

Current opportunities include the University of Lille-3 (France);  Universitaet des Saarlandes (Germany);  Universidad de Murcia and  Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain); and the University of Oulu (Finland).


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