Business English

Asst. Prof. Tsvetanka Chernogorova
Seminars: 30 hours
ECTS credits: 2

businessIn this course the participants have the opportunity to learn the key business language necessary to participate in an increasingly international work environment as well as to learn about business concepts, developments in business and how business works in different cultures. The course is based on articles, each of which includes lots of useful language and explores a different international business issue. The course provides a unique overview of business today that gives students both an opportunity to see key language in context and to expand their business knowledge and horizons. The exercises developed around the central theme of each article give ample opportunities to review and practice the vocabulary from the article and to discuss the issues raised. There are listening exercises and a selection of fifteen video extracts from authentic CNN programmes. The worksheets that go with these programmes help students to further practise their vocabulary and develop their listening skills. Different types of business writing are discussed and practised. The course can be considered a good preparation for the BEC (Business English Certificate) Higher exam.

The final grade is based on continuous assessment which includes: (i) participation in class discussions– 25%; (ii) a mid-term test and a final test – 50 % and (iii) an oral presentation– 25%.

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