Practical English Grammar

Dr Nelly Tincheva:
Dr Bozhil Hristov:

ETCS credits 2 (per term), Winter semester, Summer semester

INTRODUCTORY MODULE; high competence in English required (CAE, level C1 of the Common European Framework).

Practical English Grammar (Parts 1 and 2) is an introductory module for first-year students of English. It aims to consolidate and build on students’ existing knowledge of grammar, as well as to extend it by introducing more advanced forms and structures, so that participants can speak and write more fluent and accurate English. During the first (winter) term, we cover the major categories of nouns, adjectives and pronouns, as well as their respective phrases, whereas the second (summer) term is dedicated to the major categories of the verb. Students will additionally encounter basic grammatical terms and concepts which they will need for the theoretical linguistic modules to follow. There are thirty 45-minute sessions per term; for each of these, students will be expected to do a homework reading assignment and a set of exercises, which are then discussed in class. Assessment is based on a mid-term test and a final test.

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