The course has the two-fold aim of introducing students to Shakespeare’s drama in its cultural context and involving them in real-life research. During the first part of the course students will gain knowledge of Shakespeare’s work both in the context of English Renaissance drama and today. During the second part  they will analyse current Bulgarian productions of Shakespeare’s plays on the stage and on screen. The approach is based on experiential learning and the active production of knowledge by the students.
Students’ reviews will be peer edited and collected as an information database on Shakespeare production in Bulgaria. The evaluation of students’ work will be based on continuous assessment. No previous knowledge of English Renaissance literature and culture is required. The course is taught in English.

Instructor: Dr. Georgi Niagolov
3rd semester, M. A. Programme in Language and Culture
The course is open to students from all M.A. programmes of Sofia University
Teaching: 15 lectures and 15 seminars
ECTS Credits: 4 (3+1)

Review of Hamlet (directed by Yavor Gurdev) at the Ivan Vazov National Theatre  (January 15, 2014) and Wittenberg Revisited (directed by Ivan Dobchev) at the Theatre Laboratory Sfumato (January 20, 2014). Vassilena Pavlova

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