Anglo-American Ideological Heritage

Prof. D.Litt. Tatyana Stoicheva, Assoc. Prof. Dr Kornelia Slavova
Lectures: 30
Seminars: 30
ECTS credits: 6

The course aims to introduce and/or enhance students’ familiarity with ideas which serve a fundamental role in the constituting of the English and American nations and which were spread beyond their borders in other parts of the world. The course offers a discussion of various ideas in their relation with capitalism, imperialism colonialism and globalism. The lectures introduce some key subjects, such as Puritanism, individualism, liberalism, English uniqueness and American exceptionalism, the fundamental myths of freedom and equality, the American dream as well as the various racial and ethnic identities. In the seminars the material from the lectures is illustrated in various non-fictional texts and some films which help students grasp it better strengthening their analytical skills. The approach is student-oriented and involves reading and discussion of excerpts by key figures on the subject. Students will also be required to do some work on their own, namely find out the presentation and meaning of ideas in films and present their findings. Evaluation involves a mid-term presentation and a term paper. To do this course, students should have competence in English and American history, literature and culture. The course is conducted in English.

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