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Associate Professor Dr Tzvetomira Venkova


Address: Department of English and American Studies, Faculty of Classical and Modern Philology, Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Tzar Osvoboditel 15, 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria

Office: 164, Rectorate building

Phone: +359 899017727

Email: cvenkova@uni-sofia.bg

Professional interests: applied linguistics, syntax, computational linguistics, theory-based linguistic historiography, sociolinguistics

Research Grants: Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst Scholarship (2000), Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship (2005, 2006)



Practical Syntax

Language and Computer

Principles of Linguistic Analysis

Computational Linguistics

Electronic Corpora in Philological Practice

Theoretical Grammar

Previous: Introduction to Natural Language Processing, Local Grammars, Bulgarian Syntax, Lexical and Syntactic Aspects of Specialist Texts, Basic Skills for Oral and Written Communication, Translation of Specialist Texts, English Terminology, English for Special Purposes, English for Humanities, Practical English.

PhD Thesis Supervision

Dr Nadezhda Todorova. The Absolute Construction in English and its Representation in Bulgarian. Thesis defended on 12.06. 2017.

Dr Bilyana Ovcharova.  Preposing of Clausal Elements in English and Bulgarian. Thesis defended on 08.04. 2016.

Velichka Spasova. Interrogative Structures in English and Bulgarian. Work in progress.

Publications (selection):


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Participant in international and local research projects, reviewer of international linguistic magazines, vice-chair of the Humanities section of the Humboldt Union in Bulgaria, (2008-2012, 02. 2017- present), General Assembly of Sofia University member (2007-2011), Faculty Council member (2007-2011), member of academic degree committees (PhD and professorship), member staff selection committees (assistant-professorship), member of specialized student exam committees (SUATEFL, state exam, doctoral student exams, grant selection committees etc.).

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