Canadian Culture and Literature

Prof. Dr. Madeleine Danova, Assist. Prof. Dr. Galina Avramova

Lectures: 30

The aim of the course is to outline the development of Canadian literature from the perspectives of multiculturalism and transculturalism. The topics to be discussed will include indigenous writing, regional writing, women writing, multiethnic writing in a variety of genres – autobiography, drama, short fiction and the novel. In addition the developments specific to Canadian culture in comparison to the U.S. and British culture will be emphasized. Thus, the students will be able to strengthen their knowledge of Canadian culture and acquire a broader perspective for understanding the processes of creation in Canadian literature, as well as of identity-formation and nation-building in an era of globalization and multiethnicity.

– Class participation: 25%
– Assignments: 25%
– Term project: 50 %

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