Computational Linguistics

Assoc. Prof. Dr Tsvetomira Venkova
Lectures: 30
Seminars: 30
ECTS credits: 6

This course aims to introduce students to the basics of linguistic analysis, more specifically the analysis of English grammar (morpho-syntax). However, reference will also be made to the neighbouring fields of semantics, pragmatics and text linguistics, so the module will thus serve as a bridge to more advanced linguistic disciplines.

The lectures, in the form of multi-media presentations, will focus on the basic issues in their depth and interrelations. The topics refer to the parts of speech and the related grammatical categories as well as the basic aspects of word description. The sentence is represented as a general structure and at the level of phrases as related to their syntactic functions. In addition, language is viewed in its communicative perspective, information structure and textuality. The development of students’ ideas and interpretations will be encouraged by discussions, selected readings and student mini-conferences.

The seminars will be student-oriented and participants will be expected to take the lead. There will be a reading assignment for each week, and we will be discussing exercises and data which students will need to have worked on before coming to class.

Assessment will be based on class attendance and participation (1/3), a mid-term test (1/3), and a final exam (1/3).

It is hoped that this course will raise students’ awareness of the structure of language in general, and English and Bulgarian in particular, which in turn should help them in careers as diverse as translation, journalism, language teaching and research. The course is taught in English and assumes no prior knowledge of linguistics.

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