English as an International Language

Lectures: 30 hrs
Seminars – 30 hrs
Credits – 4
Semester – VIIth

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Maria Georgieva
Ass. Prof. Dr. Irena Dimova

In this course, students will have an opportunity to learn more about the growth of English as an international language and the factors – historical, geopolitical, socio-economical and cultural – causing its spread. Some of the topics to be discussed concern: the multiple shapes of English in today’s globalizing world; the family of Englishes and models of their presentation; the reflexive relationship between Global English and globalization and the impact it has on national languages, cultures and identity; norms and standards of ENL, ESL and EIL with reference to teaching/ learning and use; the future of Global English on the world language landscape.

During the seminars students will watch films on the dispersal of English, read and discuss articles from distinguished scholars, conduct surveys and participate in roundtable debates.

Evaluation: participation in discussion based on articles (10 %) ; participation in two roundtable talks (60 % ); students’ survey reports (30 %)” Survey topic “The English spoken in intercultural contexts”.

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