English for Academic Purposes – Part I

Senior Assist. Prof. Dr. Nelly Tincheva
Lectures: 15
Seminars: 45
ECTS credits: 6

The course aims to familiarise students with the features of academic written and spoken text and the nature of academic discourse. Its objectives are to develop students’ knowledge of how academic discourse is constructed, to hone their analytical skills of academic text analysis, to improve their control over their reading, writing, listening and speaking performance, as well as their overall academic literacy necessary for completing their Master’s course. Ultimately, the course will raise students’ awareness of communication in academic settings and will provide them with opportunities both to reflect on the characteristic features of academic discourse and, most importantly, to apply this knowledge to their own work. The approach is learner-centred and involves independent work and the use of library, internet resources and a self-access package of EAP materials in Moodle. Assessment involves class participation (25%), a mid-term test (25%) and a final test (50%). To do this course, which is in the field of English for General Academic Purposes, students do not need any specific competence in other linguistic disciplines. The language of instruction is English.

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