English for Academic Purposes – Part Two

Lectures: 15
Seminars: 45
ECTS credits: 6

The course builds on the knowledge gained in its Part I of how academic discourse is constructed and introduces students in greater detail to the special features of academic writing, for example text patterns, register, grammatical structures and rhetorical strategies. This is achieved through a critical investigation of different academic genres supported by a study of relevant theories of written discourse. The seminars provide students with insights into the mechanics of academic writing and with extensive writing experience in a number of essay forms. At the micro-level, students will choose words, create sentences, link paragraphs and weave in evidence; at the macro-level, they will use the correct discourse style of their discipline as they attend to structure, coherence and cohesion. The approach is learner-centred and involves independent work, pair work, group work, the use of library and internet resources, as well as a self-access package of EAP materials in Moodle. Assessment involves class participation (25%), a mid-term test (25%) and a final test (50%). To do this course, students do not need any specific competence in other linguistic disciplines, apart from a good grasp of the basic principles of EAP discussed in Part I of the same course. The language of instruction is English.

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