Intercultural Communication Skills

Asst. Prof. Dr. Emilia Slavova
6th semester, 3 credits

The Intercultural Communication Skills (ICS) elective course aims to build students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes for effective intercultural communication. It is particularly appropriate for Bulgarian and international Erasmus+ students, as well as everyone intending to live, study or work in a multicultural environment. English language specialists need to develop their intercultural skills, because of the close interrelation between language and culture and the development of English as a lingua franca.

The course is based on texts (short stories, essays, videos, images) which treat intercultural encounters. These texts become the prompts for class discussions, written assignments, role plays and projects which help students develop intercultural skills and attitudes. The students also develop ethnographic skills and learn to observe their environment which they present in a portfolio, a term project and an oral presentation. Previous participation in the Intercultural Communication class is recommended but not obligatory. By the end of the course, students are expected to be better prepared to encounter other cultures; to develop their research skills and to explore their own and other cultures; to reflect upon their intercultural encounters; to be prepared for experiencing culture shock and to avoid the trap of cultural stereotypes and prejudice; and, as a whole, to navigate with confidence and tact in the field of intercultural communication. Grading is based on a portfolio, class participation, a term project and an oral presentation.



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