Modern English Word-Formation

Assoc. Prof. Dr Christo Stamenov, Senior Assist. Prof. Dr Maria Kolarova
Lectures: 30
ECTS credits: 3

The course aims to introduce students to the principles of word-formation analysis and offers a survey of Modern English word-formation. The lectures focus on concepts such as inflexion and derivation, derivative and formant, combining form, productivity and blocking as well as on the major means of English word-formation: affixation, compounding and conversion, and some of the “minor” means: abbreviation and clipping, blending and back-formation. The approach is student-oriented and involves autonomous reading and discussion of papers on key issues in the discipline. The course raises the students’ awareness and competence in an area, which will help them expand their vocabulary. Students are required to collect their own small corpus of material, interesting from the point of view of word-formation, and analyze it. Evaluation involves a mid-term test and a portfolio. To do this course students should have competence in general linguistics, morphology and lexicology/semantics. The language of instruction is English.

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