Narratives of Exile

Prof. Dr. Stefana Roussenova
Lectures: 45
ECTS:  4

The course familiarizes students with the question of migrancy and migrant writing. The problematics of crossing borders and dislocation, liminality and hybridity, the decentring of identity and contrapuntal thinking, identification and language and the relativization of centre/periphery are addressed in the fictions of such diverse novelists as Joseph Conrad , D.H. Lawrence, Vladimir Nabokov, Milan Kundera, Martin Amis etc. Basing the approach on select literary criticism (Tzvetan Todorov and Julia Kristeva) discussions will focus on outlining common strategies and common formal features in those diverse narratives with the aim of outlining a variety of literary responses to the themes of migrancy and exile.

– Class participation: 25%
– Assignments: 25%
– Term project: 50 %

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