Politeness Across Cultures

Senior Assist. Prof. Dr Emilia Slavova
Lectures: 15
Seminars: 15
ECTS credits: 3

The aim of the course is to look at politeness from different perspectives in order to get a better understanding of a complex linguistic, cultural and social phenomenon both in an interpersonal and an intercultural context. The topics present the various linguistic and non-linguistic manifestations of politeness in English, Bulgarian and other cultures; the difference in the perception of politeness across cultures; as well as its role as a ‘social currency’ supported by and supporting dominant social values. The method of instruction is interactive, based on a combination of lectures, reading materials, and discussions in class. The students will be expected to conduct small-scale research and to present their findings in a term paper and an oral presentation. As the language of instruction is English, a good command of English for academic purposes (written and spoken) is expected.