Second Language Acquisition Theories

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Maria Georgieva

Lectures – 30
Seminars – 30
Credits: 4
Semester – VIIIth

Course description:
The course is based on the belief that both FL learners and teachers will benefit from a conscious understanding of SLA processes that will provide them with a basis for modifying and improving their learning/ teaching strategies and developing a language learning theory that suits best their own individual interests and abilities.

The topics discussed are organized into modules: SLA Learning Theories, Learning Context and SLA, Learner processes and Sociolinguistic Aspects of SLA. On the more practical side, students will acquire skills to analyze L2 learner speech, to identify and classify learner errors, to collect data for SLA research and apply different SLA research approaches. The completion of a number of practical tasks will serve for continual assessment. Evaluation of students’ achievement includes: class work participation (10%), article review (30%), final test (60%).

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