Theatre in the Age of the Internet

Dr. Kornelia Tancheva, Cornell University
Duration: 30 Lectures

This course examines the impact of the Internet on live theatre and performance. It looks at the way digital technologies have changed the production values in theatrical performance and the way digital theatre itself has blended the distinctions between media. Using the Digital Performance Archive, it focuses both on resources used in performance and resources on performance in the last decades of the 20th century.
Digital resources in performance include theatrical productions and live–art installations that incorporate electronic media, to live–broadcast World Wide Web performances and Internet based collaborations, to interactive drama and the new performative ‘virtual environments’ of MUDS, MOOs, IRC, and Second Life. Digital resources on performance include those being used to document, analyze and critique performance: from performing arts databases and websites to academic CD-ROMS and DVDs.
Class participation: 25%
Assignments: 25%
Term project: 50 %

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